Application of Talc Powder

Plastics:- Talc is an excellent reinforcing filler in polypropylene and engineering thermoplastics for automotive parts, domestic appliances, E&E components and food packaging. They are used for antiblocking in polyethylene, restore mechanical properties to recycled plastics and are ideal nucleating agents in biopolymers and semi-crystalline polymers. The Talc manufactured by Mumal Microns possesses High Purity, Excellent Whiteness and Brightness, Lamellar Structure, excellent mechanical property, improves scratch resistance and HDT, minimizes the shrinkage as compare to conventional grinding , Silica Free and minimum iron content. Some of our specialized grades offer excellent transparency.

Paint & Coating:- Talc is an ideal multi-functional pigment, filler and extender in water borne, solvent borne and powder-coat based architectural and industrial paints, where they improve mechanical properties, optical properties and production processes. They also bring benefits to color concentrates, enamels, varnishes, gel coats, inks, putties, body fillers, mortars and asphalts. Our ultrafine grades of Talc also help to partially replace TiO2, Improve water, alkali & stain resistance and give excellent colour and brilliance to paint. Our talc also helps in Controlled oil absorption and viscosity.

Paper:- Our Talc is highly lamellar and soft having 1 on the Mohs hardness scale. This natural property provides a series of benefits in papermaking and recommended to use as filler and pitch control. As filler it gives excellent smoothness, porosity and opacity to paper in addition to reducing the cost. As compared to GCC it is less abrasive so it increases the wire and felt life. Also to control Pitch and Stikies during the paper making process.

Ceramics & Engineered Stones:- Talc can be used in the manufacturing of ceramic products such as bathroom fixtures, ceramic tiles, pottery and dinnerware. When used as a filler in ceramics, talc can improve the firing characteristics of the greenware and the strength of the finished product. Being used as a flux agent for glaze with low iron content, reduces the melting point of ceramic glazes and improves their vitrifications. When used as a flux agent for ceramic by reducing the process temperature and the firing time, talc reduces the processing costs. Talc Produced by Mumal Microns has Low Iron Content, Optimum after firing whiteness and Unique morphology of our Talc offers excellent mechanical property and better dimensional stability.

Ink & Pigment:- Our Talc enhances the performance of inks and makes for an ideal filler and extender in water-borne and solvent-borne inks. Talc produced by Mumal Microns has High purity combined with excellent whiteness and Precise particle size distribution, Increased dry hiding and opacity, Makes cost effective TiO2 extenders reducing costs, Increases ink transfer, results in a clean print, Decreases clogging, Provides good adhesion to ink films, Reduces blade wear.

Rubber:- Talc being used in rubber threads , sheets, seals, hoses, membranes, cables, stoppers and tires to improve processing, impermeability, weathering, electrical properties, fire resistance and mechanical properties. Talc improves the dispersion of reinforcing fillers, reducing mixing time. Talc produced by Mumal Microns has High Purity, Excellent Whiteness and Brightness, Mechanical properties, Useful as a Partitioning agent, Permeability barrier, Processing aid and Synergism with carbon black.