For Film / Lamination / PVC Compounding , Pipe & Products

Mumal Microns is producing Grade - BS -1515 using super snow white with high purity silica free calcite of Indian origin High speed Filler Plant specially for film, multilayer, lamination, all kind of pvc related application. By using our highly sophisticated European micronizing Machineries we have developed this grade which is very much appreciated in the market.

Features:- High chemical stability, Silica free ( low abrasion), Fine & uniform Particle size, Suitable for high line speed, Excellent Whiteness & Brightness, High compatibility with plasticizers & stabilizers, Medium molecular weight Dispersion Resin, Homogeneous coating.

Advantages:- Increase the production, Reduce the raw material cost, Higher loading, Increase the life of machine, Very good dispersion ,Increase the opacity, Improve the printability, Increase the tensile strength, Increase Alongation, Increase the free flowing.

Applications– Our Calcium carbonate Powder Grade - BS -1515 can be used in FILM, LAMINATION, PVC COMPOUNDING, PVC SHEET & FILMS , CABLE COMPOUNDING, MOLDING etc..

Physical Properties

  • Brightness: 96%
  • Bulk Density (loose): 0.65 (grm/ ltr)
  • Bulk Density( taped): 0.95 (grm/ ltr)
  • 500 mesh: 100% passing
  • Average particle size: 3.8 µ (microns)
  • Top Cut: (d₉₇) – 15 µ (microns)
  • Moisture: 0.20%
  • Typical Properties & Chemical Composition

  • Total Carbonate: 95%
  • Silica as SiO₂: 00.20%
  • Al₂O₃: 00.10%
  • Iron as Fe2O₃: 00.10%
  • pH Value: 9.5%