The paper industry, particularly printing and writing paper, is by far the largest volume user of Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC). GCC is either used as fillers or as a coating on paper. Calcium Carbonate reduces the cost of production of Papermaking. Our Produced Calcium carbonate improves the whiteness of sheet for paper filling applications and reducing the cost. Mumal Micron is Producing Calcium Carbonate improves the Brightness, Smoothness, and Opacity of Paper.

Mumal Microns is counted among the reputed GCC Producers Since its establishment , we have been playing a lead role in offering Calcium Carbonate our clients mainly paper industries.


  • Silica free ( low abrasion).
  • Sand & Grit Free.
  • Excellent Whiteness & Brightness.
  • Fine & uniform Particle size.
  • High Purity of Calcium Carbonate.
  • Free from Black Particles and impurities.
  • Maintained pH value and Hardness.
  • Advantages

  • Reduce the raw material cost.
  • Increase the opacity of paper.
  • Improve the printability.
  • Increase the life of machine.
  • Higher loading.
  • Improve the Brightness of Paper.
  • Less consumption of brightener, TiO₂
  • Various Grades of Calcium Carbonate used in Paper Industries

  • Grade - MMC - 1010
  • Grade - MMC - 1515
  • Grade - MMC - 2020
  • Grade - MMC - 505